Biostomp v2 (2017)


Biostomp is a new musical interface that relies on the use mechanomyography (MMG) as a biocontrol mechanism in live performance situations. Designed in the form of a stomp box, Biostomp translates a performer’s muscle movements into control signals. A custom MMG sensor captures acoustic signals of muscle tissue oscillations resulting from contractions. An analog circuit amplifies and filters these signals, and a micro-controller translates the results into pulses. These pulses are used to activate a stepper motor mechanism, which is designed to be mounted on parameter knobs on effects pedals. The primary goal in designing Biostomp is to offer a robust, inexpensive, and easy- to-operate platform for integrating biological signals into both traditional and contemporary music performance practices without requiring an intermediary computer software. 



LDS (2016)





Ellix (2016)

modular wearable devices w/ mmg, accelerometer, infrared, blood pressure, flex sensors + joystick and several buttons



spectacleX (2015)

a pair of glasses equipped with IMU (gyro + acc.) and infrared sensors




modGuit_ (2015)

a baritone fender telecaster equipped with embedded accelerometer, pressure and infrared sensors & arduino uno



dat-I (2015)

a shirt equipped with multiple sensor systems (emg, gsr, blood pressure and accelerometer) to track a variety of bodily data during improvised performances. 

note that dat-I does not do any effect to the output yet it is to collect the data for further investigation.



NoiseWig~ (2014)

a mohican style wig equipped with IMU (gyroscope + accelerometer) sensor & custom max/msp patch


kaybolm[ ]. (2014)

a work-in-progress generative max/msp patch based on the data of "Enforced Disappearance" cases by Hafıza Merkezi