Artist On Board (SUPA, Istanbul, 2016)

work: "Transynch" - Sound Installation, in collab. w/ Görkem Arıkan (2016)

description: Transynch is an interactive sound installation consisting of 4 rotating speakers, 1 fixed plate transducer on the top and a 2+1 sound system. Speaker rotations are determined by the amount of sunlight, via 4 light dependent resistors placed outside, toward 4 cardinal directions. Each speaker thus starts to rotate by dawn and alter its speed constantly till dusk. Sound material is recorded on the board of Greenpeace's reputed ship Rainbow Warrior; body of the ship and additional materials such as cymbals, plates and dc motors are used for sonic variety. Independently rotating speakers in different heights are to generate a movable acousmatic experience varying perpetually throughout the daytime. 



Seismographic Sounds (ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2015)

work: "Hell Of A Coffin" - Soundscape Composition (2014) 

description: Soundscape composition about a decedent's last journey during the funeral. Embowered field recordings took place respectively in the bathing cubicle, in the mosque during the prayer and inside the actual coffin throughout its journey from mosque till burial.  


"Howl" Exhibition (Galeri 44A, Istanbul, 2014)

work: "Rhizome" Performance w/ Şenol Erdoğan, Deniz Cansever

description: A spontaneous composition based on botanical patterns under the influence of rhizome concept of Deleuze, G..


God Save The Porn (Külah, Istanbul, 2014)

work: Performance w/ Yannis Saxonis, Florent Merlet, Giray Gürkal

description: An improvised set consisting a modular synthesizer, guitars, computer and a drumset, desginated in the concept of the exhibition.